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Everyone wants a beautiful, healthy smile, but we understand that not everyone enjoys going to the dentist. Our practice is devoted to providing safe, comfortable dentistry care to patients of all ages by using techniques that are proven to be more enjoyable. We believe in using technology that doesn’t involve potentially harmful chemicals or metals, creating a new standard of care that is healthy and efficient. Our office is suited to every member of the family, so come visit us at Katy Family Dental Group today!


Dr. Jeff Keh

Owner Dentist


 Growing up in a medical family, I got to witness the miracles of modern medicine. Dentistry enables me to make my patients smile again and to smile with confidence! It has been my goal to build an office that delivers quality, comprehensive dental care to patients. Seeing my patients smile is the best gift I can hope for.

We have a small office, and we try to understand everyone’s specific needs. My staff and I have created an atmosphere that eases patients’ fear of the dentist, and we truly care about the general health and well-being of each patient we see.


Janessa Bock

Dental Hygienist

Janessa was born and raised in Ingalls, Kansas. She graduated from Amarillo College with an Associate of Science degree in Dental Hygiene as well as Cottey College with an Associate of Science degree in Biology. Janessa has a passion for her profession, which is displayed by her enthusiasm to learn and excitement to care for her patients. Janessa loves getting to know her patients and their families, catching up with them at each visit. Her patients become her friends and family. Janessa takes pride in helping her patients maintain beautiful smiles and improve overall health.

She is currently serving as President of Greater Houston Dental Hygienists’ Association and member of the Texas Dental Hygienist Association, American Dental Hygienist Association, International Congress of Oral Implantologists, and Academy of Laser Dentistry. Janessa resides currently in Sugar Land with her husband, Nathan of 9 years and their 2 daughters.

Cynthia Torres

Dental Assistant

Cynthia has lived in Texas her whole life. She graduated from Seven Lakes high school, and then enrolled into dental assisting school. Since graduating from school, she has enjoyed learning and expanding her dental knowledge at Katy Family Dental Group. She enjoys seeing people smile, and making a difference in their lives. She believes that the most important thing is giving back to the community, and loves that her job allows her to do that. During her spare time she loves spending time with her family, and enjoying the outdoors.

Ben Bailey

Practice Manager

Ben has managed dental offices for almost 10 years, and still loves the field. Originally from California, he was exposed to dentistry by his father, Dr. Gerald Bailey. In 2014, Ben and his wife Nora moved to Texas, so she could finish her medical residency in Psychiatry at University of Texas. In their short time in Texas they fell in love with the Lone Star state, and have decided to call it home.

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Oral Surgery

Trust Gastonia Family Dentistry for top quality oral surgery and other dental care services in a comfortable, patient-centered environment. We are equipped to provide full service dental implants, sinus lift, osseodensification and denture stabilization in our Gastonia office. Therefore, we carry the experience, skill and state-of the-art equipment it takes to surgically place your dental implants as well as perform other oral surgery procedures that may be needed to qualify a patient for dental implants.
Dental implants are the gold standard in tooth replacement. They have the ability to provide the most natural function, feel and appearance compared to conventional alternatives. However, successful dental implants require that patients have adequate bone to support the implant. Although jawbone loss can occur from injury or gum disease, it is common for patients to experience bone atrophy from a previous tooth extraction or tooth loss. Without proper jawbone stimulation from a tooth root, the surrounding bone can reabsorb, diminishing in quantity and quality. For such cases, oral surgeries such as bone grafting and socket grafting can be used to restore bone structure and help patients regain their candidacy for dental implants.

Bone Grafting

Today, modern dentists have the capability to regenerate and grow new bone through grafting procedures. Bone grafting is an ideal solution for patients that do not have enough jawbone to support a healthy dental implant. Bone grafting can involve a variety of graft material, including autogenous bone (a patient’s own bone), cadaver bone from a donor bank, bovine bone or synthetic bone. Our implant dentist will determine your graft material based on the location of your bone graft as well as the severity of your bone loss. In most cases, bone grafting is a minor procedure that can be done under local anesthesia. Bone grafting is an invaluable opportunity that allows patients to receive the most secure and longest-lasting tooth replacement option available.

Socket Grafting

For patients who are planning to get a dental implant and who need to have a tooth extracted, socket grafting is ideal. Socket grafting involves the immediate placement of a bone graft into the empty socket at the time of extraction. This not only works to maintain the natural contours of the jaw, but it also helps to preserve the maximum amount of bone volume so that the dental implant surgery is more predictable and successful. Bone remodeling after a tooth is removed can involve a 25% reduction in bone volume after the first year and up to a 60% decrease in bone width after 3 years. This risk can be eliminated when a socket preservation graft is performed.
During socket and bone grafting surgery, Gastonia Family Dentistry proudly uses the most sophisticated technology available. We use advanced 3D imaging equipment to ensure your oral surgery is precise and minimally invasive.
To learn if socket and bone grafting can qualify you for dental implants, please contact our practice today. We welcome the opportunity to restore your smile, regardless of your pre-existing conditions.